Savannah Red, also known as Anslee Connell, is a dynamic musical force currently based in the thriving city of Austin, TX. Originally hailing from the charming town of Statesboro, GA, Savannah Red has carved her niche in the music scene with a soulful fusion of jazz and R&B.

Savannah Red's artistry is a testament to her versatility, effortlessly navigating between spellbinding covers and heartfelt original compositions. Her notable release "Paper Doll" and upcoming "A Savannah Red Family & Friends Christmas!" showcase her ability to infuse traditional genres with a contemporary touch.

During her musical journey, Savannah Red had the privilege of brief mentorship under jazz luminary Ben Tucker in Savannah, where she gleaned valuable insights and honed her craft. Her dedication to her craft has been recognized with opening slots for renowned artists such as Najee, Betty White, and Kindred the Family Soul.

In her live performances and recordings, Savannah Red collaborates with talented musicians like Tosin Awofeso on piano and Ian Bailey on drums. The synergy with other local Austin musicians enhances the richness of her sound, creating an immersive experience for audiences. With a soul-stirring voice and a commitment to musical excellence, Savannah Red continues to make waves in the music scene, solidifying her place as a rising star in the Austin community and beyond.

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Photo by Farsh Farr • Fascinator by Milli Starr

Photo by Farsh Farr • Fascinator by Milli Starr